Friends in Need

House Wash and Driveway Clean.

Was able to do a little good in the world the other day for young family struggling at the moment. Ben and Nicole and there 3 beautiful kids live across the road from friends of ours and have been dealt a bit of a health scare. Excess Cleaning provided a House Wash and Driveway Clean to lift a few spirits and freshen the House up. Its amazing how a good pressure wash can lift the whole look of your home. The reflective nature of all clean surfaces brightens the whole home and cleans away all spiders weds, ants and other insect nests.


Ben was genuinely touched. See his response below.

Ben Luttrell

Hi Kim, Ben Luttrell here, over the road from Tracie’s. Just wanted to take a minute to say a HUGE THANKS to your hubby for all his efforts the other day in cleaning the outside of our house. Amazing effort, really does lift my mood every time I look anywhere. Bloody champion in my eyes and we’ve never even met. Talk about Aussie spirit! look forward to meeting him and seeing you again soon. Thanks ever so much!!