SoftWash Metal Roof

Cleaning Metal and Colorbond Roofing with SoftWash Solutions .IMG_2816


Metal roof systems are popular in rural and semi rural areas where often large foliage growth which shades and has high levels of matter drop that accelerates the growth of mould and algae.

Having adapted our Reach-It telescopic water fed pole system to access steep pitch and difficult to access roofs we are able to apply product in a controlled manner without accessing the dangerous and somethings fragile environment of the roof system. WH&S requirements often don’t allow for access to some roof systems and the cost of edge protection or fall arrest points make the process costly to the point of non viability.


Below is an example of steep pitch roof in a rural environment that we applied our SoftWash process to. Note the heavy staining on the roof and leaf matter. We first remove the debris and matter and then apply our SoftWash formula. Allowing the product to activate you will see change in the roof condition as the process develops. Leaving the Colorbond roof system clean and bright. As a consequence of the cleaning process we are flushing gutters and downpipes during the rinse phase ensuring that the active ingredients are removed.


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