Water Fed Pole and Pure Water Systems

Accessing 4 and 5 story glass from the safety of the ground has been the key element for Excess Cleaning securing contracts for Commercial Window Cleaning. Providing window cleaning services to a Brisbane College in St Lucia enabled Excess Cleaning to showcase the true potential and benefits of Water Fed Pole and Pure Water Cleaning systems.

Previously this property was access by Rope (abseiling) and costed accordingly. With safety a major responsibility of all stakeholders in any work venture along with other factors such as timeliness, price and environmental impact. The client provided very clear time frames,  guidelines and standards to be achieved.  Excess Cleaning understood the expectation of the client clearly and we are pleased to say showcased a simple, safe and low impact alternative.


Pure water glass cleaning when completed correctly leaves the glass static free, residual soap free and spot free. Providing a longer lasting result.

Here are some examples of Water Fed Pole and Pure Water cleaning.

IMG_5943 IMG_5865 Water fed Poles Balcony (2) IMG_3679 Spot Free Clean IMG_5929